We are restless. We move because moving keeps us alive. We are women who follow our dreams and who work every day with happiness. Our job is to connect journeys with travelers, our community with happy new experiences. We believe that generating a shared and happy workspace helps build strong, honest and lasting business relationships; the kind of relationships that contribute to creating a community. We enjoy and celebrate sharing the love we deliver in every detail. In each step we take, in each city, we look for new stories and new friends. We believe this is the best way to strengthen trustful relationships and to generate great opportunities. We are women who work to put happiness in motion. Join our trip!


  • Emotions is a focused, small and niche travel event that invites Buyers to get to know the best travel suppliers from the region, all together in just 3 days.
  • Emotions curates its Buyer selection very carefully. We always invite travel agents from all over the world that specialize or are looking to specialize in one particular region.
  • Emotions curates its Exhibitors with extreme care and dedication, in the same way art curators put together an art exhibition. This curation process is one of our main values.
  • Emotions takes place in the region. Our exhibitors can allocate a lower investment in travel expenses and they can organize pre and post trips to invite Buyers to experience their product firsthand.
  • Emotions cares for the environment. We try to use as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. We do not use plastic. We prefer noble materials such as wood and eco canvas.
  • Emotions is full of heartcrafted details. We give great importance to design, art and style. Our motto is simplicity, we prefer functional and simple working spaces to big booths, banners and signs.
  • Emotions is ”The Happiest Event in the Travel Industry” to do business. We work hard to create a happy and cozy working environment for our community.
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Argentine women are the driving force behind Emotions. Our cross-functional team of professionals works hard to make happy our participants by carefully selecting exhibitors, buyers, staging and creating a happy and cozy working environment for our community.

Agustina Trucco Founder & Director
Gabriela Peisojovich Head of Exhibitor Relations
Felicitas Ortiz Head of Buyer Relations
Manuela Forján Head of Art & Design